Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Zhenxing Jiang deportation case!

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hello! please help support and follow the Zhenxing Jiang deportation case! Briefly:

In early February "during a regularly scheduled meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) here in Philadelphia, a Chinese immigrant woman, Mrs. Zhenxing Jiang, reported for her regularly scheduled meeting with ICE officials. She informed ICE that she was pregnant with twins, at which point they told her she was illegal (she had exhausted her appeals in 2002 and was trying to reopen her case) and had to be deported immediately. While her husband and children waited for her to finish her appointment, she was dragged out the back door of the building into a waiting van and driven to JFK Airport. According to reports, she was denied adequate food and water and pushed and shoved during the course of the transportation. Mrs. Jiang complained of severe stomach pains and requested medical help which she says were ignored. At the airport, Mrs. Jiang's screams of pain upset bystanders who insisted that immigration officials call an ambulance. They finally agreed, and she was brought to a hospital where it was found she had miscarried her twins.

please contact for more info:


215-563-6076; 215-808-1400 (c) "

Friday, February 17, 2006

2006 Asian Arts Initiative Artists Exchange (Artists X Change)

**upcoming show! Philadelphia!

2006 Asian Arts Initiative Artists Exchange (Artists X Change)

Friday, March 17, 8pm - Artists Showcase

$8 admission; $6 for members

Artists Showcase

Please join us as the Asian Arts Initiative opens its 2006 Artist Exchange with a multidisciplinary showcase featuring Mango Tribe and existing work from this year’s accepted artists:

Rodney Camarce - Philadelphia, PA

Ching-In Chen - Boston, MA

Sham-e-Ali al-Jami - Cary, NC

Mytili Jagannathan - Philadelphia, PA

Pradeepa Jeevamanoharan - Minneapolis, MN

Achinta McDaniel - Venice, CA

Michelle Myers - Swedesboro, NJ

Alison Park - Philadelphia, PA

Hanalei Ramos - Jersey City, NJ

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarsinha - Toronto, ON

Kristina Wong - Los Angeles, CA


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