Friday, May 29, 2009

Binky's wedding

Weddings make me feel things, cry about the pretty things in life, and talk about love in my "outside" voice.

Below, I've shared some of the photos which have emerged from the Facebook tags, and they're incredibly adorable. I am excited to be one of their official marriage witnesses (I signed a legal document and everything!) and their retired maid of honor. The wedding was really cute and easy going - polaroids taken, guitar picks handed out, open bar, and lisa making folks look GORGEOUS on the big day.

Binky and I have known each other since we were 15, and due to that history, I would safely say that she is the only person for whom I'd wear pink 12 hours straight. The wedding Binky and Anthony planned was gorgeous, and in an amazingly dramatic space - with the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges as backdrops - everything was beautiful!

JUST MARRIED by the pretty reflecting pool!

The Bride and her party (notice the pink, and my lack of a tan.)

Binx and Tony are such a laid back and playful couple,
CONGRATS you two!

(Now, back to watching Teen Witch! Richie has always looked weird as hell to me.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

what a weekend!

I gave my first Maid of Honor speech in the history of ever. (Uhm. It was a bit half assed, though; I had to compete with some fairly delicious dining fare while doing the damn thing.) I'll wait for photos to talk more about the wedding itself, but the venue was gorgeous and the ceremony was so relaxed and casual. Big ups to the loves of my life for the day: Gates and Darius for being such fantastic support staff at the Galapagos Arts Center! Hope to see your kind faces again, soon!

Otherwise, it was an incredible honor being a part of this wedding. To see those two get married, my god! I got the jealousies (not really, but kinda!) I got the ill case of the warmfuzzies seeing old and new friends. Over delicious, delicious steaks. The photos shall surface soon on the facebooks. Watch out, I am rocking pink. Anyway, here's the acoustic slow jam version of that sad ass song.


However, in celebrating love, my family and I are also mourning the loss of my Lolo Abe, who passed away during yesterday's wedding. It's been a tumultuous time for my heart, and I've cried some of it out. Lolo Abe, my grandmother's brother, lived in Jersey City, and we hardly saw him until he was diagnosed with cancer within the last six months. He was so vibrant when I saw him last October - unfortunately, for the funeral of his daughter - that compared to these final days, it was pretty apparent that the disease had worn away his spirit. To say I will miss him is an understatement, only to pale in comparison to the deep regret I feel for not having seen him more often.

I need to use the rest of the day to be amazingly still and silent.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

if i haven't shared this already....

this is a short i truly love.

In Bed with a Mosquito from Sarah Frank on Vimeo.

Friday, May 22, 2009


having "expensive taste" doesn't mean that you can rock it.

i will leave it at that. <3

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

gorgeous out!

The Filipino Film Fest!

I'm really excited to come across these films. I might be attending a couple of them, I suggest you do, too!


The IndioBravo Film Foundation is proud to present the first annual IndioBravo Filipino Film Festival on June 11-14, 2009 in New York City, showcasing the boldest and most internationally acclaimed works by Filipino filmmakers in recent years.

Opening night takes place Thursday, June 11, at the Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues) with the North American premiere of Baler, a historical, romantic epic which swept awards at the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival, and 100, winner of audience and best film awards at festivals in Pusan, Korea and Vesoul, France. (Click here for full schedule.)

The festival continues Friday to Sunday, June 12-14, at the Visual Arts Theater in Chelsea, 333 West 23rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues in New York City.

CENTERPIECE FILM: Screening Friday, June 12 is the magnificent Foster Child by Brillante Mendoza, director of 2008's internationally acclaimed art-house hit Serbis.

SPECIAL SCREENING: Also screening Friday is Lav Diaz' bold, 8-hour drama Melancholia, winner of the Venice International Film Festival's 2008 Orrizonti (Horizons) Award for best feature. This special screening takes place at the Millennium Film Work Shop, 66 East 4th Street between Bowery and Second Avenues.

CLOSING NIGHT: On Sunday, June 14, Indio Bravo is proud to screen Jay, an uproarious satire of reality television and an official entry in the Venice International Film Festival of 2008. The festival concludes with an awards ceremony and reception at the Visual Arts Theater at 8 p.m.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Other notable titles include Donsol, an elegaic love story set in an idyllic resort town; Carnivore, about a harrowing fraternity initiation; the animated Dayo, about a young boy's journey to save his abducted grandparents; the romantic comedy and box office smash My Only U, and the genre-busting mockumentary Confessional. IBFF '09 also features Ishmael Bernal's 1983 masterpiece, Himala (Miracle), named in a 2008 CNN viewers' poll as the best Asian-Pacific film of all time.

TICKETS: On sale Friday, May 1. Tickets for all screenings (except opening night) are $12.50 until May 29, and $15 after May 29. Available for sale online at

OPENING NIGHT: Tickets for opening-night screenings on Thursday, June 11 (Baler and 100) are $20 each in advance, $25 at the door and include an after-party at plush lounge Nikki Beach, 151 East 50th Streets between Lexington and Third Avenues, featuring Mylene Dizon, star of 100, and other stars of this year's film lineup. Tickets available at

VIP RECEPTION: A private reception and screening for industry executives and members of the media will take place on Thursday, May 28 at the SoHo House, a members-only club in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. Contact Caroline Cruz,

PRESS: General-market U.S. press—Angelo Ragaza,, 917-705-9572.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


fail owned pwned pictures
see more Fail Blog

7 and 7. Pretty true!

Hanalei Ramos this is what your birth date reveals about you!

12 + 2 + 1982 = 1996
1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 25
2 + 5 = 7
Your Birth Number :7

7’s are the searchers. Always probing for hidden information, they find it difficult to accept things at face value. Emotions don’t sway their decisions. Questioning everything in life, they don’t like to be questioned themselves. They’re never off to a fast start, and their motto is slow and steady wins the race. They come across as philosophers and being very knowledgeable, and sometimes as loners. They are technically inclined and make great researchers uncovering information. They like secrets. They live in their own world and should learn what is acceptable and what not in the world at large.

we have bev.


letter H V KMcElman_090516_E7

letter B E v003

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My granduncle's email:

Hi, everyone.

--- will be celebrating her 70th birthday on June XXth this year. To mark
this milestone in her life, I am creating a biographical photobook for her,
containing photos from way, way back. I have also invited selected friends,
classmates and relatives who have had a positive influence in her life to
contribute a personal message for her. I requested them to send in their
favourite photos that will be printed with the message.

If you would like to join the well-wishers, please send me your message and
photo within the next seven days. I am working on a tight deadline, as the
printers require at least ten days production time.

This is meant as a surprise for ---, so, if by any chance, you will
communicate with her before her birthday, please do not say a word about this.

Warmest regards to all.



I love the 80s!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

this is my adorable cousin!

we were playing peekaboo with a napkin. a no fail hit for any child <2 years old.

i love the people in my life.

  • i am grateful for this work issued laptop with a videocam.
  • knowing that the moral highground is always the answer
  • hugging val
  • talking about using the unknown practical uses of the confederate flag with stephen
  • loving jilla over something served with bagoong
  • cat and fam in jersey city
  • cat's niece being ridiculously cute
  • time with my own family this past weekend
  • people i love finding happiness in love right in time for spring
  • knowing that my sisters will be home soon
  • redbull fruit punch
  • seeing kimmie in her wifey/2nd home
  • writing letters
  • journaling again
  • cool, sunny days
  • knowing how to trace IPs
  • WP 08 sorta worked! (1 year later.)
  • i have a hard time saying it, but really loving and appreciating my mom

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

thank you to the spring so far for...

  • being able to admit when i am wrong.
  • a window into the cracked heat of summer.
  • a return of old friends.
  • spinach and goat cheese.
  • making my way to Ohio.
  • things coming naturally to me.
  • my friends wanting to help.
  • becoming more comfortable with myself fin silence.
  • the return of newer loves.
  • reacquiring my right mind.
  • lulu's extended visit.
  • seeing my high school best friend grow slowly into her soon to be married life.
  • jamaica with lisa.
  • difficult conversations off the task list.
  • 90s music mixes.
  • val's support through difficult conversations.
  • good hugs.
  • redefining excess so that it does not mean security.
  • being able to see people as perfect
  • crying with lulu at the end of NOTORIOUS. (yeah, i'll own that.)
  • cat growing into her new home.
  • having a carved out place in cat's couch.
  • irma the wedding crasher.
  • reinvigorating myself in all the work i need to do.
  • the excitement found in the potential of new goals.
  • breaking in the cold sheets of a hotel bed.
  • realizing i love hotel rooms.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

this is so adorable!

I love crushes! <3
With the complications of love as an adult, it's the only subject where I wish I could return to that simpler time when things were sweet, exciting, and accidental.

Heeeee heee! He wants to ask her to a "romantic dinner." SO CUTE!

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