Sunday, May 24, 2009

what a weekend!

I gave my first Maid of Honor speech in the history of ever. (Uhm. It was a bit half assed, though; I had to compete with some fairly delicious dining fare while doing the damn thing.) I'll wait for photos to talk more about the wedding itself, but the venue was gorgeous and the ceremony was so relaxed and casual. Big ups to the loves of my life for the day: Gates and Darius for being such fantastic support staff at the Galapagos Arts Center! Hope to see your kind faces again, soon!

Otherwise, it was an incredible honor being a part of this wedding. To see those two get married, my god! I got the jealousies (not really, but kinda!) I got the ill case of the warmfuzzies seeing old and new friends. Over delicious, delicious steaks. The photos shall surface soon on the facebooks. Watch out, I am rocking pink. Anyway, here's the acoustic slow jam version of that sad ass song.


However, in celebrating love, my family and I are also mourning the loss of my Lolo Abe, who passed away during yesterday's wedding. It's been a tumultuous time for my heart, and I've cried some of it out. Lolo Abe, my grandmother's brother, lived in Jersey City, and we hardly saw him until he was diagnosed with cancer within the last six months. He was so vibrant when I saw him last October - unfortunately, for the funeral of his daughter - that compared to these final days, it was pretty apparent that the disease had worn away his spirit. To say I will miss him is an understatement, only to pale in comparison to the deep regret I feel for not having seen him more often.

I need to use the rest of the day to be amazingly still and silent.

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