Wednesday, May 6, 2009

thank you to the spring so far for...

  • being able to admit when i am wrong.
  • a window into the cracked heat of summer.
  • a return of old friends.
  • spinach and goat cheese.
  • making my way to Ohio.
  • things coming naturally to me.
  • my friends wanting to help.
  • becoming more comfortable with myself fin silence.
  • the return of newer loves.
  • reacquiring my right mind.
  • lulu's extended visit.
  • seeing my high school best friend grow slowly into her soon to be married life.
  • jamaica with lisa.
  • difficult conversations off the task list.
  • 90s music mixes.
  • val's support through difficult conversations.
  • good hugs.
  • redefining excess so that it does not mean security.
  • being able to see people as perfect
  • crying with lulu at the end of NOTORIOUS. (yeah, i'll own that.)
  • cat growing into her new home.
  • having a carved out place in cat's couch.
  • irma the wedding crasher.
  • reinvigorating myself in all the work i need to do.
  • the excitement found in the potential of new goals.
  • breaking in the cold sheets of a hotel bed.
  • realizing i love hotel rooms.

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