Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texts to take out of context

"Just kidding! There are two beds, rights?"

"I just found my new Michael Cera."

"I really wanted him to pay for my meal. I'm a ho."

"We can't meet up and be terminal buddies."

"Sorry for the last 4 messages. There is a poltergeist. On my phone."

- stolen from Helene.

But I promise to have funnier ones in the next round.
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Shout out to the summertime! (Rescinded)

As surprising as the past three days of the summer were for the NYC area, the return to 65F weather on the east coast is a relief. I don't like summer (except for the vacation part); I don't like to sweat.

Before I forget, a quick thank you to all the organizers of the AAA on Oberlin College's campus! Juli, Truc, Eric, Mariko, Tuyet, Chloe, Tim, Daniel, the Saras, and their program coordinator, Domenico, really did a great job of hosting me! I'm so glad that we were able to write an impromptu piece together on a Monday night, and I hope you all have me back soon. (Please send photos!). Thanks for also teaching me all sorts of things about The 'Sco.

Also, there were posters of me and Joseph Legaspi peppered around Oberlin's campus; I plan to send an extra copy, autographed, to my biffle, Helene, because she'll find it funny.

Though I've never stopped and stayed in Ohio, I came across people who reminded me that the world is very small - folks linked somehow to my group of friends back homej every metropolis becomes the great unifier.

Flying over Newark International Airport from Cleveland yesterday only reinforced the tether binding me to my beloved New Jersey: I rep hard. Now, I've never lived outside the bustle of a city, and never appreciated the seductive space of the alternative whenever I was a guest. I am attracted to filth, noise, and small spaces. The grime, sirens, and comfort of anything like a cubicle meant to serve as living quarters. I am comforted knowing that outside, there is a fresh produce stand (operated by the same Korean family since I was a kid,) a train to NY, pizza slices, and people wandering around at all hours of night and day. Some people call this "living in the ghetto." I call it "liking home."

There isn't much to reconcile.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

does it take html?

  • doo doo dooooobie dooo!
  • huge fonts!
  • colors.
email blogging! to be more connected to you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

gratitude list

  • for being able to be honest with myself (even if it is coming up gradually.)

  • for irma's cable.

  • seeing old school KAWS written up in jersey city.

  • for accepting that i am a creative person.

  • for krystle and prince

  • particularly, "Pop Life"

  • sara's genuine hugs.

  • an email from joseph.

  • clementines

  • sharing ice cream with my kasamas.

  • hanging out with therese.

  • faces that remind me of old flames.

  • not lying.

  • turns out, i like the number 12.

  • hanging out in front of my house in a parked car for another 40 minutes with a friend who needed an ear.

  • the hasty opportunities where life reminds me that i am myself.

  • the opportunity to karaoke.

  • being sad and being real about it.

  • people who think my name is pretty, and will tell me so right at introduction.

  • randomly calling people we miss, because we miss them.

  • galoshes.

  • the cold putting me in my place.

  • knowing that this place is what i love

  • always repping hard.

Friday, April 10, 2009

this was meaningful.

I forget things easily. This is one thing I remember about myself. (picture forgotten and replaced.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

gratitude list

  • seeing my sister, kylene, in LA

  • seeing the amazing growth in people during such a teeny amount of time


  • reconciling with two cities that broke my heart

  • "a muffin is not a fruit"

  • being good at being a good

  • running into vicki by accident (again! and again!)

  • being able to be vulnerable in front of my friends, peers, strangers

  • checking my own subjectivities; not being judgmental of people i care about

  • the generosity of people like apollo, jesse, bev t., cisco, bev b., gary, gayle, edward, and jeannie. (who have all looked out for me, hosted me, or fed me.)

  • having an entire week with my kasamas - new and old

  • the opportunity to miss people

  • irma finding a job she really likes!

  • people who think i'm funny. (that is good. many people make a life out of trying to get a laugh.)

  • real exchanges with people, even on blackberry messenger

  • the beautiful, new AAI space

  • being affirmed as a writer

  • settling things with my webpage host

  • selling chapbooks

  • being able to return to Philly, and perform excerpts from my life there

  • seeing a babyful belly on someone i know

  • a gorgeous and raw loft studio space

  • applause

  • a good time to laugh with kelly and vicki

  • bekhyon liking my work (which means a lot, since i really admire his brand of ridiculous.)

  • the summit fundraiser en route to being real!

  • seeing my hood ass boys in LA, and recreating a dynamic that reminds us where we are from.

  • binky's wedding approaching!

  • seeing old friends

  • wedding shopping: OVER!

  • miniature golf with sham and h

  • "butterfingers!"

  • giving up the right things

  • being able to have friends in many places

  • having the ability to go to these places

  • people choosing to have me as a friend in their lives
i feel pretty full of good, good things.

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