Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shout out to the summertime! (Rescinded)

As surprising as the past three days of the summer were for the NYC area, the return to 65F weather on the east coast is a relief. I don't like summer (except for the vacation part); I don't like to sweat.

Before I forget, a quick thank you to all the organizers of the AAA on Oberlin College's campus! Juli, Truc, Eric, Mariko, Tuyet, Chloe, Tim, Daniel, the Saras, and their program coordinator, Domenico, really did a great job of hosting me! I'm so glad that we were able to write an impromptu piece together on a Monday night, and I hope you all have me back soon. (Please send photos!). Thanks for also teaching me all sorts of things about The 'Sco.

Also, there were posters of me and Joseph Legaspi peppered around Oberlin's campus; I plan to send an extra copy, autographed, to my biffle, Helene, because she'll find it funny.

Though I've never stopped and stayed in Ohio, I came across people who reminded me that the world is very small - folks linked somehow to my group of friends back homej every metropolis becomes the great unifier.

Flying over Newark International Airport from Cleveland yesterday only reinforced the tether binding me to my beloved New Jersey: I rep hard. Now, I've never lived outside the bustle of a city, and never appreciated the seductive space of the alternative whenever I was a guest. I am attracted to filth, noise, and small spaces. The grime, sirens, and comfort of anything like a cubicle meant to serve as living quarters. I am comforted knowing that outside, there is a fresh produce stand (operated by the same Korean family since I was a kid,) a train to NY, pizza slices, and people wandering around at all hours of night and day. Some people call this "living in the ghetto." I call it "liking home."

There isn't much to reconcile.
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