Monday, April 6, 2009

gratitude list

  • seeing my sister, kylene, in LA

  • seeing the amazing growth in people during such a teeny amount of time


  • reconciling with two cities that broke my heart

  • "a muffin is not a fruit"

  • being good at being a good

  • running into vicki by accident (again! and again!)

  • being able to be vulnerable in front of my friends, peers, strangers

  • checking my own subjectivities; not being judgmental of people i care about

  • the generosity of people like apollo, jesse, bev t., cisco, bev b., gary, gayle, edward, and jeannie. (who have all looked out for me, hosted me, or fed me.)

  • having an entire week with my kasamas - new and old

  • the opportunity to miss people

  • irma finding a job she really likes!

  • people who think i'm funny. (that is good. many people make a life out of trying to get a laugh.)

  • real exchanges with people, even on blackberry messenger

  • the beautiful, new AAI space

  • being affirmed as a writer

  • settling things with my webpage host

  • selling chapbooks

  • being able to return to Philly, and perform excerpts from my life there

  • seeing a babyful belly on someone i know

  • a gorgeous and raw loft studio space

  • applause

  • a good time to laugh with kelly and vicki

  • bekhyon liking my work (which means a lot, since i really admire his brand of ridiculous.)

  • the summit fundraiser en route to being real!

  • seeing my hood ass boys in LA, and recreating a dynamic that reminds us where we are from.

  • binky's wedding approaching!

  • seeing old friends

  • wedding shopping: OVER!

  • miniature golf with sham and h

  • "butterfingers!"

  • giving up the right things

  • being able to have friends in many places

  • having the ability to go to these places

  • people choosing to have me as a friend in their lives
i feel pretty full of good, good things.

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