Monday, April 13, 2009

gratitude list

  • for being able to be honest with myself (even if it is coming up gradually.)

  • for irma's cable.

  • seeing old school KAWS written up in jersey city.

  • for accepting that i am a creative person.

  • for krystle and prince

  • particularly, "Pop Life"

  • sara's genuine hugs.

  • an email from joseph.

  • clementines

  • sharing ice cream with my kasamas.

  • hanging out with therese.

  • faces that remind me of old flames.

  • not lying.

  • turns out, i like the number 12.

  • hanging out in front of my house in a parked car for another 40 minutes with a friend who needed an ear.

  • the hasty opportunities where life reminds me that i am myself.

  • the opportunity to karaoke.

  • being sad and being real about it.

  • people who think my name is pretty, and will tell me so right at introduction.

  • randomly calling people we miss, because we miss them.

  • galoshes.

  • the cold putting me in my place.

  • knowing that this place is what i love

  • always repping hard.

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