Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Time in Philly <3


This building will be demolished sometime in the next couple of months. A lot of really great things have come out of the Asian Arts Initiative. Its support has been THE element propelling my artistic career, and for that, I am extremely grateful! Thank you so much to Gayle and Gary for all their work and committment to Guns and Tampons. THere really would be no show without either of them.


Because I was in Philadelphia, I HAD TO get the BEST falafels EVER. I mean EVER! On the corner of 16th and JFK, on any given weekday from 11 am to about 330 pm, you should go to the KIng of Falafel cart! I still haven't met another falafel capable of matching this one! I went twice this past week. For $3.75 you can get a baby-sized falafel with tabouleh! Ps: do not sleep on the lentil soup!


And this was the wonderful rehearsal space lent by Highwire Gallery! Thank you! Just being in this amazing loft space was a treat!


And the fruit of a week's worth of labor: my final show order. WOW. IT's just embarrrrrasssingly amazing to know that I have the backing of so many folks who genuinely believe in my work---the constant affirmation that I don't suck as a writer. To have started at 18 with a poem about my broken heart, and now...all this success? I am blessed. As I told Rohan on the drive over to Auburn, who would've thought that I'd be doing a one woman show?

I am a lucky gal.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

This weekend in CRAZY:

Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment just had their founding retreat, and BOY OH BOY, we got a lot done. Check us out on myspace and blogspot, please! KTHNXBYE!

other than that, facebook photos of the wonderful gig at SUNY: Albany via KPL have surfaced! Please find me on facebook and myspace and all that. <3 BUT! thanks again to the wonderful women of KPL and Spread the Word! I had a great time listening to your work, and couldn't have asked for better fajitas <3 Special thanks to Mieko for really working with me to get this show to Albany! And of course! To Jessie who did my Little Brown Fucking Machines/Pussy piece all those years ago! who read her work and referrrrrred me to her KPL SUNY ALbany sisters. Yay!

OH HEY LOOKIT! it's like i'm PART of the sorority!

they even got me flowers! isn't that sweet?

come back soon to some major updates all up in here! <3

Friday, April 13, 2007

Gig RoundUps!

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Fellow performers, if the Asian Student Association of Auburn University hollers at you, take the gig! They know how to treat a lady <3 One of the nices bunch of folks in the history of ever, and they are all on facebook to KIT post-gig. Surrriously, all these ppl at the table are BFFsfoLYFE! Thank yous to Gayatri, Suresh, Rohan, and Erin Kelly! Really appreciate the hospitality and warmth; makes me all in luuurve with the Souf.

Here's another photo courtesy of Sri Devi! Again! Thank you! I had a wonderful time with you all,and it was great to hang out with Stephen and Ill-Lit. If you have any pix you'd like to submit, please do! I am thisclose to adding a portion of my site called "audience participation" where all of OUR pix will be posted! <3

I'm just an idea machine over here. SO, send those pix (or their uploaded links) to me at !

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The South and Petitions

Please show your support for two very important causes. While I've listed the state/city where these mobilizations are based, giving our support to these women on a inter/national level is one of the most important things we can do as a collective.

MN: University Village Rape
"Three University of Minnesota football players have been arrested for raping an 18-year old girl at University Village, which is campus housing. Various members of the Athletics Department, including the football coach and a number of players, told the media that they support the men accused of rape. The victim-survivor has not yet received public support.

This is a petition that is being forwarded about the incident. The people who wrote the petition are seeking signatures and support nationwide so that this situation doesn't turn into one where the victim-survivor is shamed into silence."

NYC: Fely Garcia Campaign
The mysterious death of Felisa "Fely" Garcia, 58, a Filipina domestic caregiver found dead by an alleged suicide in her bedroom last March 14 in the Bronx, NY has prompted the Filipina domestic workers support network known as KABALIKAT, an organizing project of the Philippine Forum, to aggressively seek justice for Fely Garcia.

We mourn the tragic death of Fely Garcia. However, we aim to fight for her life. We will not dwell on the lack of her presence next to us today. Rather, we will fight for the justice that she did not see in her lifetime. We must collect our voices and let our demands for justice be heard!

Sign on the the Justice For Fely Garcia! Campaign! Join the many Filipino community members, here in New York and globally, in our campaign for a fallen sister!

PS: I am looking for fried green tomatoes in Alabama! HAAAAAY NOW! Hanging out in Atlanta was really gorgeous yesterday. More on that later...

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Rain Made it Emo.

the most questionable recipe in the history of ever. SPAM SWISS PIE. Nummy NummmmmmZ!

AND FORWARD! a photo by DJ Boo:

Thank you to all who trekked it through the rain and made it out to the Bowery Poetry Club. It was an honor for me to share the stage with such an amazing line-up: the Kundiman folks, Tak, Jason Joseph (who I guilted into giving me a free cd.) A great night with amazing energy, and as every SULU Series ends, Regie dancing, a final tableux with his ass up in the air.

I am really looking forward to perfoming for the students at (4/10) Auburn University's Poetry Jam (I'M GOING TO ALABAMA! i am pretty excited) Also featuring will be iLL-Literacy and a friend I am blessed to have, Stephen Bor. WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! <3

Also! I will have another feature later that week in upstate New York-- (4/12) SUNY: Albany's Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Charity Benefit . Please come support! These women have been working hard and have been GREAT to me! All proceeds will go toward a couple of really great activism and arts causes in the New York City area.

My next NYC gig upon my return is this via Arkipelago!
Fri, April 27th // 730p

Lolita is located at 266 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002, between Allen and Orchard Street.

Phone: (212) 966-7223.

The F/J/M/Z at Delancey and Essex is the closest subway stop, but several other stops are accessible, such as the F/V at Second Avenue (Allen and Houston) and the B/D at Grand and Chrystie.

then on 4/28 I'll be back in Pennsylvania doing a show for Haverford College! TBA on the details.

in other news, let's all wish the lovely <3 rOBIn! <3 a speedy recovery! <3<3<3 FIRE misses you, lady!

(wtf! my hands are HUGE! ugh. embaaaarrrrraaaassssssing!)

Speaking of FiRE campaigns, please sign the following petition:

A domestic worker named Felisa "Fely" Garcia, 58, was found dead in her closet by her landlord last March 14, 2007 in the Bronx, New York. Garcia had left four suicide letters in an envelope in the kitchen for her landlord to find. In one of the letters, Garcia describes she faced "abuse and harassment" from her employer, who remains unnamed. The petitions demands the Philippine Consulate to do the following:

Acting on behalf of the Garcia family in the Philippines, we, domestic workers, Filipino community members, community organizations, women’s advocates, and allies demand a:

1. full and unbiased investigation from the New York Police Department of all parties involved in Fely Garcia’s death ;

2. complete disclosure of details of the case, investigation and autopsy from the New York Police Department and the Philippine Consulate to Garcia’s legal advisor, Attorney Arnedo Valera, and the Garcia family;

3. total financial support of necessary expenses for Garcia's medical procedures, transportation costs back to the Philippines shouldered by the Philippine Consulate;

4. concerted initiative from the Philippine Consulate to assist the Justice For Fely! Campaign in pursuing a second investigation for the death of Felisa Garcia; and

5. an allocation of resources from the Philippine Consulate to collaborate with local community-based and grassroots organizations to create a long-term task force to research, understand, analyze and support Filipino domestic worker issues.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Tomorrow night, i'll be here:

SULU SERIES @ The Bowery Poetry Club

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 2007 / 7-9:30 PM / $6 for AAAS
Conference Participants / $8 for General Public
Regie Cabico, Kelly Tsai, Saraubh Tak, Lisa Ascalon, Vinh Hua, Marlon Unas Esguerra, Hanalei Ramos, R.A.Villanueva, Jason Joseph, Koba, and more!

308 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
(foot of First Street, between Houston & Bleecker
F train to Second Ave, or 6 train to Bleecker)

Hosted by Regie Cabico, curated by Artistic Director Taiyo Na, with music by resident crowd mover DJ Boo, and brought to you by the Sulu Artist Network, the
Sulu Series is a monthly showcase featuring established and emerging Asian American artists in music, spoken word, video and multidisciplinary performance from the local and national scenes.

AAAS Conference @ Columbia University -

Please come. <3 And now, I leave you with this:
Otters holding hands

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