Friday, April 6, 2007

The Rain Made it Emo.

the most questionable recipe in the history of ever. SPAM SWISS PIE. Nummy NummmmmmZ!

AND FORWARD! a photo by DJ Boo:

Thank you to all who trekked it through the rain and made it out to the Bowery Poetry Club. It was an honor for me to share the stage with such an amazing line-up: the Kundiman folks, Tak, Jason Joseph (who I guilted into giving me a free cd.) A great night with amazing energy, and as every SULU Series ends, Regie dancing, a final tableux with his ass up in the air.

I am really looking forward to perfoming for the students at (4/10) Auburn University's Poetry Jam (I'M GOING TO ALABAMA! i am pretty excited) Also featuring will be iLL-Literacy and a friend I am blessed to have, Stephen Bor. WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! <3

Also! I will have another feature later that week in upstate New York-- (4/12) SUNY: Albany's Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Charity Benefit . Please come support! These women have been working hard and have been GREAT to me! All proceeds will go toward a couple of really great activism and arts causes in the New York City area.

My next NYC gig upon my return is this via Arkipelago!
Fri, April 27th // 730p

Lolita is located at 266 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002, between Allen and Orchard Street.

Phone: (212) 966-7223.

The F/J/M/Z at Delancey and Essex is the closest subway stop, but several other stops are accessible, such as the F/V at Second Avenue (Allen and Houston) and the B/D at Grand and Chrystie.

then on 4/28 I'll be back in Pennsylvania doing a show for Haverford College! TBA on the details.

in other news, let's all wish the lovely <3 rOBIn! <3 a speedy recovery! <3<3<3 FIRE misses you, lady!

(wtf! my hands are HUGE! ugh. embaaaarrrrraaaassssssing!)

Speaking of FiRE campaigns, please sign the following petition:

A domestic worker named Felisa "Fely" Garcia, 58, was found dead in her closet by her landlord last March 14, 2007 in the Bronx, New York. Garcia had left four suicide letters in an envelope in the kitchen for her landlord to find. In one of the letters, Garcia describes she faced "abuse and harassment" from her employer, who remains unnamed. The petitions demands the Philippine Consulate to do the following:

Acting on behalf of the Garcia family in the Philippines, we, domestic workers, Filipino community members, community organizations, women’s advocates, and allies demand a:

1. full and unbiased investigation from the New York Police Department of all parties involved in Fely Garcia’s death ;

2. complete disclosure of details of the case, investigation and autopsy from the New York Police Department and the Philippine Consulate to Garcia’s legal advisor, Attorney Arnedo Valera, and the Garcia family;

3. total financial support of necessary expenses for Garcia's medical procedures, transportation costs back to the Philippines shouldered by the Philippine Consulate;

4. concerted initiative from the Philippine Consulate to assist the Justice For Fely! Campaign in pursuing a second investigation for the death of Felisa Garcia; and

5. an allocation of resources from the Philippine Consulate to collaborate with local community-based and grassroots organizations to create a long-term task force to research, understand, analyze and support Filipino domestic worker issues.


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