Sunday, April 15, 2007

This weekend in CRAZY:

Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment just had their founding retreat, and BOY OH BOY, we got a lot done. Check us out on myspace and blogspot, please! KTHNXBYE!

other than that, facebook photos of the wonderful gig at SUNY: Albany via KPL have surfaced! Please find me on facebook and myspace and all that. <3 BUT! thanks again to the wonderful women of KPL and Spread the Word! I had a great time listening to your work, and couldn't have asked for better fajitas <3 Special thanks to Mieko for really working with me to get this show to Albany! And of course! To Jessie who did my Little Brown Fucking Machines/Pussy piece all those years ago! who read her work and referrrrrred me to her KPL SUNY ALbany sisters. Yay!

OH HEY LOOKIT! it's like i'm PART of the sorority!

they even got me flowers! isn't that sweet?

come back soon to some major updates all up in here! <3

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