Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i love the people in my life.

  • i am grateful for this work issued laptop with a videocam.
  • knowing that the moral highground is always the answer
  • hugging val
  • talking about using the unknown practical uses of the confederate flag with stephen
  • loving jilla over something served with bagoong
  • cat and fam in jersey city
  • cat's niece being ridiculously cute
  • time with my own family this past weekend
  • people i love finding happiness in love right in time for spring
  • knowing that my sisters will be home soon
  • redbull fruit punch
  • seeing kimmie in her wifey/2nd home
  • writing letters
  • journaling again
  • cool, sunny days
  • knowing how to trace IPs
  • WP 08 sorta worked! (1 year later.)
  • i have a hard time saying it, but really loving and appreciating my mom

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