Monday, February 23, 2009

No Reservations PHILIPPINES!

S05E07 Augusto from Long Island

That history of the Philippines in a nutshell is surprisingly accurate for a mainstream cable show! Really want a version of a ingredients market locally! That would be stellar. But that food tour guide is a bit on the people pleasing side...

I still cannot eat goat. Or lamb. Or any of those animals til this day. It just seems awful, and then Bourdain just picks at it like that. WOW.

I looooooove outdoor kitchens! But I hate knowing that Tita got dressed up hard for the taping.

Bourdain is not so much a jerk as originally thought!

BUT "Uncle Tony?" And monkey-wrench! Augusto isn't 20 or something?

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Catherine said...

Chinese-American wife?! what? i swear kid is 19.

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