Sunday, March 1, 2009

gratitude list one:

1) the means to enjoy my life, and reward myself for hard work
2) that my girl irma will now share LA with us; possibly mel, too
3) a really kind note from marcusbarkus
4) a gorgeous rendition of the vagina monologues by people i love and admire
5) accepting opportunities to engage people in art making; making art again for myself and the movement i love
6) the kindness of kasamas; picking me up from the airport, and allowing me to stay in their homes
7) knowing that on an upcoming wednesday night, i will be dancing to dancehall with yanyan
8) the kindness of people like lori, who want to do as much as she can for FiRE. similarly, people who travel through 4 states just to let us know that the work we are doing is important
9) jesse's return from the Philippines, and it ending with lunch and his stories of his first time home
10) singapore noodles and bacon avocado sandwiches
11) ria mae's parents wanting to meet me
12) not freaking out over lost cars, or using it as an opportunity to be mean to people
13) ate virginia asking to take a photo with me
14) seeing PF clean and gorgeous
15) jill's schedule and my schedule finally colliding
16) tearing up with val and irma when the striker all stars were booted off ABDC during the recap marathon.
17) celebrating kourtney on her belated bday
18) my friends forgiving me for being away, and reminding me that they value the time they do have with me
19) the potential of skype!
20) my high school network proving to be very valuable in my adult life
21) lunch with cling and yancy, and driving back to NJ with matthew and jonna, too!
22) binky's invites ALMOST DONE!
23) AB taking the time to support us, and provide us with volunteers
24) feeling good because people think I do good work
26) being able to sing with anthony for sarah's book launch, and see old faces there
27) hearing joseph talk about sarah so sweetly!
28) the surprise i feel when people who i thought disliked me, really liked me

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