Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jamaica: YES, PLEASE!

I was able to head to the gorgeous that is Montego Bay with bff since age 12, ms. femmedeluxe/Lisa, and I cannot wait to return! The Carribean is beautiful and sooooooooooo clean, a far cry from the scummy gray of the Hudson River. I didn't have a camera (I find it annoying to carry one around,) so as soon as she posts up photos. But I don't know what we'll have to share, other than our skin becoming progrssively darker as the days went by. I have a new found love for ATVing (we drove to the top of Mt. Zion and saw some of the community there) and we climbed Dunn's River Falls (while touristy, was really fun.) The rest of our days were spent lounging about by the beach, and taking photos of our knees against the shoreline.

I'm gonna rub aloe gel over my sunburns now.

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Uploading now!

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