Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm Offish!

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I'm working with my dramaturg and director today for the National Asian American Theater FEstival version of Guns and TAmpons! (Calm yawself. That is really my necklace.) PS: I need a tan badly. :*(

Other than that, here is my official blurb:

Guns and Tampons: A History of Violence Against Women I Know is the new work written and performed by Hanalei Ramos. In her first multi-media solo show, Hanalei has staged a series of performance pieces based on the experiences of several women who consider themselves victims and survivors of abusive relationships with family, lovers, and friends. By staging portraits of some of the most intimate moments of any woman's life, Guns and Tampons challenges our assigned definitions of womanhood and violence and how it is warped by cultural expectations, societal conditioning, and the more subtle forms of violation experienced by women.

The work features a myriad of characters assembled across generations and circumstance. Guns and Tampons touches on the found stories of a high school senior's found diary entries, the lost interviews of an undocumented college student, a couple caught in the cyclical dance of violence, the language of assault, and the many people who are yearning to understand how they function while maneuvering through love. Guns and Tampons questions what it means to be a survivor and victim of violence, and exposes their muddled boundaries. However, the work serves as a hopeful narrative threaded by themes of shared isolation, patterns of love, and the chances we take toward the secret hope of self-understanding. Ultimately, the patchwork testimony of several individuals transforms itself as the story of all women, and becomes a compelling glimpse into a world of survival and strength.

Guns and Tampons: A History of Violence Against Women I Know was produced by Gayle Isa and directed by Gary San Angel. The show was created through the generous support of the Asian Arts Initiative.

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Quick Bio

Hanalei Ramos is a very nice person and a stereotypical aquarius. FACT: while it is a common misconception that “aquarius, the water bearer” is a water sign, it is not. It is actually an air sign! Other than that, she is a proud founding member of Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment, a mass-based organization for Filipinas in the NYC area. Hanalei has also toured around the country as a performer and is the author of Foiled Stars, Letters to Martha, and the one-woman show, Guns and Tampons: A History of Violence Against Women I Know. Hanalei currently lives and works in her native Jersey City, NJ. For more information about her, please visit

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