Tuesday, March 20, 2007


What a great time to be reminded of how wonderful my friends are. Pix to follow (as I am not as proficient with Mac-usage as I would like to be.)

Thank you to
- all the folks who made it through the slush and sleet to attend the STK fundraiser for the People's Tribunal! GMA WAS FOUND GUILTY! THank you to Geologic for spearheading this campaign, SAndy for all the work she put in, and BAYAN USA for letting me be a part of this event!

- all the folks who attended the combined AnakBayan / Bayan / FiRE workshop on feudalism. Seems like a great time was had by all as WE. BUILT. SPARTA! and Casper-tonia. (hello! d5! you are still my faves!)

- Matt Pana and JOhn Violago for helping me out during my set. You guys were great!

- all of Kylene's friends who recognized me and buying Robin's siopao dolls! (Mine, sadly, did NOT sell.)

- Steve and Cling for hosting the fine folks of FiRE (Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment.) We had a great time!

- and of course, the lovely ladies of FiRE. It was amazing to spend this time with y'all, and I am looking forward to more funtimes as we build this community.

UNRELATED: So. I really dislike when artist blogs are not friendly and kinda focus on HOW DEEPER THAN THOU they are. It makes me uncomfie. As someone who has learned to manage INTERNET FAME (ha!) I like keeping it real by not faking it. (Redundant.) I would love to keep this blog just very light and invite y'alls to converse with me a little.

ALSO! MORE GIGS TO BE POSTED! Those flyers are coming in...and it's April, y'alls! GIG SEASON is upon us.

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