Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I love technology. Always and forever.

Tonight was exciting!

Los Angeles' Tuesday Night at the Cafe beamed us over, and we were live on a projection screen all the way from NYC duing their scheduled open mic! <3 Ryan and Traci found a reliable Starbucks connection and the laptop was handheld to show me and Regie kicking some pieces, plugging the APIA Summit, and the National Asian American Theater FEst! How awesome is that? The below pix are from Lainey, and show Traci, me, and Regie projected onto a screen 3,000 miles away at the Aratani Courtyard of the Union Center for the Arts! AND WE NEVER LEFT NYC! OGOMGOMG technologies! Pretty soon, all those rides at Epcot Center will be outdated, and in need of replacement.

It was a lot of fun. We couldn't stop playing with the new toy, and our 8 minute set became a 20 minute one!!! <3 So, I now leave you with this...

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