Friday, June 22, 2007

NAATF 2007

Thank you everyone for attending my show! :) Guns snd Tampons couldn't have been waht it was without you. So, THANK YOU, friends. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT! MY OWN SHOW!

I've been able to see some amazing shows as part of this festival:
Karimi and Castro!
Jude Narita
On the Island
Ill-Lit and Mush! (Mush is super sweet, y'all)
REgie and Aileen
Kristina WOng!
Big HEad! I wish I could find my copy of DEnise Uyehara' book, MAPS... :T
Pangea World Theater
And of course, Anida's SHOW!

I really urge you to take advantage of the remainder of the festival! This weeekend, I plan to see these shows:
Makoto and Roko
Edge of the World!
Refugee Nation (and i still have the tattoo on my hand!)
STrange Rain


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