Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I return bearing gifts!

And hello! The site was down for a little bit, since I exceeded my bandwidth limit! It was surprising, the sudden jump in visitors I received in the last month! But I am not complaining. While the site was down for the last week, I negotiated and doubled my hosting package, and here I am. TA-DAA!

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Taken the exact same night the below video was taken!

So, from the comfort of my cousin, Lori's (pictured above with me in 2005!) home, I am blogging on her lovely Mac. I still owe you some pix from the Lolita and Haverford gigs, but that won't be til next week! I'll tell you this much, though...I had a great time (as usual.) In lieu of pictures from my end I will leave you with the link to Arkipelago's maarte.org where you can flip to the page where I am rocking some cute bone-white flats. (You actually FLIP through the album. It's super cute!) AND! Some recently uploaded video of a very rare collaboration that's only been performed once! It's Stephen and me from ECAASU 2004! Keep checking back for more videos in the coming weeks. Trust me. You want to see these videos.

and here's the link: http://one.revver.com/watch/253332

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