Friday, May 18, 2007

This is what life's felt like:

Challenging! But exciting!

Greetings, friends! There's about one month left to my show! Jesus. Life seems to have become a series of countdowns! BUt I really enjoy the urgency and the idea of creating things out of nothing. It's either the artist or carpenter in me...I'm not sure. However, some folks and I will be planning the 2007 APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit! This is an unofficial announcement and all, but yes! So happy to have such wonderfully talented and able friends! They make my day <3

AND! I was asked to join Mango Tribe! How exciting is that?! I get the chance to join some really amazing women on stage AND behind the scenes! I get the ask in a couple of days, so send me some good vibes! :)

A PERFECT SEGUE INTO: tix to my show, which i share with a co-founder of mango tribe (anida youe ali), are now available for three different show times!

Now, onto important things, I am totally already missing my girl, Sandy, who will be moving to London to go to a really fancy school and join the upper eschelon of academia. She has been a monumental figure in the development of FiRE, and it is devastating to see her go! Because that is our girl, forreal forreal. I'll miss you Sunnnnnndeeeee! <3<3<3 But I am grateful for this time!

Here is a picture from the Stop the Killings benefit with Val and Sandy. And yes, I am holding a beer in that picture. Why? Because I'm a grown-ass woman who isn't ashamed of the part of me that likes teh chug. CHEERS2U! OMOGMGOMGOGM <3<3<3

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