Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rounding it out...

Some really tragic things have happened since our last exchange. With that, I've had to take a week off the show in order to regroup, and focus energies elsewhere. Fortunately, this has resulted in pouring a lot of myself into things and stuffs that have required my attention, but have been put off for reasons XYZ. (projects include a new "work" section!) So, now...onto some pictures of how the season rounded itself out for me:

Thanks to Deepa for the pizza and having our checks ready on delivery. That makes me feel good and not poor <3

This is Sham-E-Ali under the gorgeous and strange Haverford dorm basement. Did/do you have this at your college?

The great student body of the Haverford which hosted us and bought our merch! (They are dressed up because there was a killer dance at the cafeteria later that night.)

We had the wrong time for our departing regional rail train back to Center City, so Alison and Taiyo whipped out his guitar, and we did the hippie thing and played some Cranberries acoustic jawns. See here:

The basement space of Lolita Bar was packed! I had a great time with my friends, and thank you very much for coming out and watching me read. It was a great time, with great homemade lumpia. <3 I'm still missing this pretty funny picture of me and Anthem, but that will be sent eventually. Thank you so much to Emmy for having me! She did a great job organizing this event, and we even found that we have the same growth spurt condition on the same knee! We are Osgood-Schlatters Sisters <3

Randomly (or maybe not so randomly) hosted by my cousin Steph. My god. I run into her at the funniest times. Also, my teeth are currency in this pic. Do not play.

My BFF since age 15, binkybianca! 2007 and still cute.

Circle of friends circa 2003. Omar is one of my faves.

My fellow FiRE founding member, Kimmiecakes! Getting her ASian blush on. I know I also have a picture of Sandy here somewhere... I loves me my FiRE folks.

And also, why does NO ONE EVER TELL ME THAT MY HAIR IS MESSY AS HELL at these events? I am mad at all of y'all.

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